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Top calls from The Piccadilly Institute’s sprawling, six-roomed pleasuredome are the Fruitbox (a ‘garden chill space’) & the Clinic – for their OTT decor, if not their cocktails: there are better examples of margarita & mai tai (£6.80) to be had elsewhere. Pitched at Euro youngbloods & the type of drinker who takes The X Factor seriously, this pseudo-gothic pile offers punters the chance to dress up, rip it up to pumped-up beats, & chat up anyone they fancy. In addition to regulation cocktails, the drinks list has wines from £16.50 right up to Cristal at £250 for the show-offs with bulging wallets. To keep the alcohol at bay, tuck into anything from pizzas & burgers to Brit stalwarts such as pigs in blankets or toad-in-the-hole.

  • The London Pavillion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, West End, London W1J 0DA, United Kingdom

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